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Multi-instrumentalist Dale Goodridge writes and records all of his own music.

He captures the soulful rock music of the 70s – 90s, and his musical mission is to make good rock music that you can connect with.

Starting his musical career in Bradford UK, playing in Metal, Hardcore and Pop Rock bands, Dale always writes and plays music with every bit of passion he exudes in every aspect of his life. He was also a member of popular 90’s UK band, Homesick.

Having moved to Melbourne, Australia, Dale built a studio of his own and set out to achieve a lifelong dream of writing and recording his own studio album. A 7” single was pressed onto beautiful blue vinyl, and thus, a stretch of acoustic shows in Los Angeles followed. These shows fuelled even more creativity to record ‘Swimming After Dark’ and produce a music video using footage filmed in Los Angeles.

On returning to the UK, Dale began the process of writing his album. He chose to record in Liverpool at the Motor Museum. Legendary musicians such as The Coral, Oasis, Elvis Costello and even The 1975 have all recorded there. Dale utilised the talents of The Blow Monkeys’ drummer Tony Kiley, and with demanding work and determination, and the ability to play every other instrument needed throughout, ‘The Pledge’ was born. The album leans on varying styles and genres, listen HERE

Recently the song ‘The Pledge’ has been featured in the Spanish film ‘Novatos’, which is available to watch on Netflix. Dale was extremely humbled and proud to be involved in such a great film.

Dale never stops working and creating, and as we speak he will be held up somewhere with his head down working on something else equally magical to everything else he has created. He designs his own website, is in charge of his own social media presence and is determined to carry on doing what he loves, no matter what obstacles he may have to get over to do so.